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00 Key Summary of NAMANE

1️⃣ NAMANE Card is a “Prepaid Card” that can be loaded without opening a bank account
2️⃣ Public Transportation + Payment at Online/Brick and Mortar Stores
3️⃣ Design the front of the card however you want
4️⃣ Card is issued without an age requirement
5️⃣ You can load/check card balances through the ‘NAMANE’ APP


1️⃣ Design cards and Get card design QR code from the app.
2️⃣ Register and load cards in-app.
3️⃣ Available for download in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

02 Where to Purchase a Card

1️⃣ NAMANE Cards can be purchased Kiosks
2️⃣ Check the NAMANE Kiosk location in the NAMANE APP > Locate ‘Kiosk Locations’ in Menu

03 Register your Card In-App

1️⃣ To register a card, choose ‘MY CARD’ > ‘Add Card’
2️⃣ Card Registration: ‘Enter Card Number’> ‘Scan Card Number’> Registration Complete
3️⃣ Up to 4 cards can be registered at a time

04 Child/Youth Public Transportation Discount Registration

1️⃣ Child/Youth cards must be registered as a discount card, before using as a transportation card to allow the discount
2️⃣ Transportation discount registration can be done on the RailPlus website
3️⃣ Enter Transportation Number located on the back of the card
4️⃣ Transportation income tax deduction for Child/Youth can be applied when minor’s name is registered on the RailPlus website, then selected for a discount

05 Where to Load the Card

1️⃣ Easiest to load in the NAMANE App
2️⃣ Loading with cash can be done at NAMANE Card Kiosks, subway stations, or at CU, StoryWay locations
3️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance can be transferred regardless of where it was loaded
4️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance is limited to 500,000 KRW each

06 Loading the Card In-App

1️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance can be reloaded in the NAMANE APP.
2️⃣ App allows you to transfer balances between Pay Balance and Transit Balance
3️⃣ Virtual Account Deposit Fee is 0 KRW.
4️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance is limited to 500,000 KRW each

07 Loading the Card Using a kiosk

1️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance can be loaded at NAMANE Kiosk
2️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance Balance can be transferred In-App
3️⃣ Cash Deposit Fee is 0 KRW
4️⃣You can find locations of NAMANE Kiosks on the NAMANE APP
5️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance limit is 500,000 KRW each

08 Card Usage

1️⃣ You can pay using your Pay Balance by IC Chip at brick and mortar stores
2️⃣Transit Balance can be used on buses, subways, and/or trains
3️⃣ You will get push notifications through the app when using Pay Balance
4️⃣ Online payments can be done through the ISP/Paybooc App
5️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balances are easily transferable between each other

09 Pay Card Transfer

1️⃣ Use the "Pay Card Transfer" for using the transfer service, and check the transfer history in "Pay Card History".
2️⃣ In "Pay Card Transfer", you can choose between "Scan QR code" where you scan a QR code and "Enter Account no." where you transfer using an account number.
3️⃣ A fee will be charged when transferring money, and the amount to be transferred must be equal to or greater than the amount including the transfer fee.

10 View Card Balance/History

1️⃣ Check Card Balance by selecting ‘MY CARD’ on the NAMANE APP
2️⃣ Pay Balance details can be checked by list or calendar
3️⃣ Tag the Transportation Card on the mobile phone to check the transit balance/details
4️⃣ Pay Balance/Transit Balance limit is 500,000 KRW each

11 Tag a Card

1️⃣ Areas to tag cards can vary based on the cell phone model
2️⃣ Android Versions require the NFC to be checked as ‘Default Mode’ in settings
3️⃣ For the iPhone, you can place the card next to the camera

12 Pay Balance - Transit Balance Transfer

1️⃣ Pay Balance - Transit Balance can be freely done
2️⃣ Click the Transfer Icon 🔀 in between the Pay Balance - Transit Balance in ‘MY CARD’
3️⃣ Card is required for tagging when transferring balances

13 Transfer Pay Balance Between Cards

1️⃣ Pay Balances can be transferred between NAMANE Cards
2️⃣ At least two cards are required to transfer Pay Balance
3️⃣ Transit Balances can only be transferred when first transferred from a Pay balance to a Transit Balance

14 Card Limit

1️⃣ Pay Balance and Transit Balance are separate
2️⃣ You can load up to 500,000 KRW in Pay balance + 500,000 KRW in Transit Balance per card
3️⃣ Pay Balance - Transit Balance can be freely transferred

15 Lock Card

1️⃣ ‘Lock Card’ can be used to temporarily lock a card in case of loss/theft.
2️⃣ Cards can be used again normally after being unlocked.
3️⃣ Even if you choose to temporarily lock your card, you can still use the 'Pay Card History' / 'Card Cancellation' / 'Unlock Card' features

16 Card Cancellation

1️⃣ ‘Card Cancellation’ permanently locks the card in case of loss/theft
2️⃣ Cards can no longer be loaded or used in case of cancellation
3️⃣ Unable to cancel card if balance is present.

17 Refund Pay Balance

1️⃣ If more than 60% of the Pay Balance is used, you can request a refund
2️⃣ ‘Customer Center’ > ‘Request a Refund’ > Enter Information
3️⃣ Refunding a card takes approximately 7 business days
4️⃣ If you don't have a Korean account, you can apply for a refund through Cash Pickup.

18 Delete Card

1️⃣ Balance remains even if you delete a card
2️⃣ Deleted cards can be registered again

19 Coupons

1️⃣ Two types of Namane coupons: a free card coupon (QR) and a card top-up coupon.
2️⃣ A card top-up coupon can be used after registering the card in the app.
3️⃣ A card top-up coupon can reload in the 'Coupon' Menu or can reload by selecting 'Coupon' payment method from 'Pay Card Top-up'.
​​4️⃣ A free card coupon (QR) is only available for offline use at kiosks located nationwide.

20 Customer Service

⏰Customer Service Hours:
Weekday 10:00 - 18:00 (12:30-13:30 Lunch)
Saturaday 10:00 - 15:00 (12:30-13:30 Lunch)
📞Phone Extension: 1588-3073
💬For KakaoTalk Support, channel name is ‘NAMANE’

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