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The K-Culture cultural space "NAMANE STATION" for NAMANE card customers will be held in November 2021.

"NAMANE STATION" provides a space for MZ generation, who mainly use Namane cards.

Photo zone with popular programs, corporate booths of popular brands and creative zone where illustrators participate,
From the performance zone where a special stage unfolds, you can meet the entertainment of the MZ generation at Seoul Station.

Enjoy NAMANE STATION, a cultural hub at Seoul Station, the center of Korea!

​Event information

event period

2021.11.12 (Fri) ~ 2022.01.30 (Sun)

​event venue

Seoul Station 3F reception room, Namane Station area

Opening hours
​Event area information

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 20:00

​Area information

인스타_Zone 오픈 티져_1-100.jpg

Photo Zone

Take a picture from a hot program!

You can experience the popular K-Culture scene.

Photo Zone.


There is a room for the final crew of Mnet

'Street Woman Fighter'

Post your own awesome photos in Photo Zone!

Creative Zone

Like me, my own!

You can show your own special items

Creative Zone.

A flea market booth where you can view and

purchase the works of various artists,

Enjoy all of the corporate booths where you can see and experience K-Culture products in the Creative Zone!

인스타_Zone 오픈 티져_2-100.jpg

Performance Zone

Performance on stage at Seoul Station!

You can only see it on the Namane Station stage.

This is the Performance Zone.

Street dance battles of crews by genre

Awesome dance performance  every

See you in the Performance Zone!

*Street Dance Battle schedule will be revealed later on Namanecard's official Instagram (@namanecard).

Organizer information



With the slogan of 'Share the shining moments of everyday life together', Iorora is operating 'NAMANE', a financial platform focused on entertainment content.  

We will approach the daily life of various customers with the Namane Card, which can be used by anyone to express his or her individuality .  We would like to present a shining moment to customers with Namane Card through the Namane Station event held at Seoul Station.



KORAIL, a national company that provides railroads in Korea that connects people, the world, and the future, is striving to create a new railroad-centered lifestyle.  

With the goal of promoting public happiness and strengthening social responsibility along with safe and convenient railroads, the NAMANE STATION event held at Seoul Station can be carried out smoothly.We want to support you.

Supplier information

Carbon neutral partner: SK Securities


SK Securities, leading a new era, aims to usher in a new era based on life capitalism together with the innovative Fintech company, I-Aurora.

In line with this, we would like to advise on the carbon-neutral direction of the NAMANE STATION event and provide a carbon-neutral solution based on voluntary carbon credits.

Green Tree Foundation


The Green Tree Foundation is a non-profit public interest corporation (NGO) established for the purpose of informing civil society of the seriousness of school violence and conducting activities for the prevention and treatment of school violence.  

In line with this, we want to create a happy and peaceful world that young people hope and dream of by supporting and advising on events for youth of NAMANE STATION.

​partner company

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