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Let Me Introduce the NAMANE font!

Our Namane Card team remembers our teenage years.

suddenly! friend and lock

I remembered my experience of keeping a secret exchange diary.

I don't know if many of you know, but I used a password like 'Goblin'.

Then, even today, I write a status message in the initial consonant

I've heard anecdotes about secretly delivering messages.


With a password that only the two of you know  to send a secret message  at the point

With this in mind, I came up with the 'NAMANE Chosung Font' .

It is a font written with only 19 consonants ,  

Some of the initials are not easy to identify at once, so they can convey a secret message!


Try the NAMANE font right now!

The NAMANE font is provided free of charge to all users,

including individual and business users,  

Anyone can freely use and redistribute it without restrictions.

(However, arbitrarily modifying or editing is not allowed.)

All rights, including intellectual property rights of the provided typefaces,

belong to i-Aurora Co., Ltd.

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