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19 Delete Card

📝 2 Line Summary

[1] Balance remains even if you delete a card

[2] Deleted cards can be registered again

⛔️ Before You Delete your Card!

・ If you are deleting a lost card, please be sure to report it as lost then delete to preserve your Pay Balance.


✅ Delete Card

[1] Go to ‘MY Card’.

[2] Select the card you wish to delete.

[3] Select 'Card Management’.

[4] Select ‘Delete this Card’.

[5] Enter the security password.

[6] Select ‘Delete this Card’ when prompted.

[7] Your card has been deleted!

✅ Notes on Deleting a Card

※ Even if the card is deleted, the card usage/history remains.

※ Deleted cards can be registered again to other accounts as well.

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