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19 Applying For an Income Tax Deduction

📝 4 Line Summary

[1] You can apply for an income Tax Deduction through customer service

[2] Personal information may be requested by customer service for income tax deduction

[3] Payments will be deducted after proof of income tax deduction

[4] Transportation income tax deduction registration can be done on the RailPlus website


✅ Income Tax Deduction Application

[1] At the menu, select ‘Customer Service’ > ‘Year-end Tax Settlement’

[2] Please select ‘1:1 Application’.

[3] Customer service will request certain information

✓ Copy of ID
✓ Copy of Back of your NAMANE Card
✓ Contact Information

[4] Request complete! The amount used will be deducted after it has been verified. 

✅ Notes on Applying For an Income Tax Deduction

※ You can apply for an income tax deduction by contacting customer service through 1588-3073 or Kakao Channel ‘NAMANE’. 

※ To apply for an income tax deduction, customer service may request personal information.

※ To apply for a transportation card income tax deduction, please go to the Rail Plus Website  or call 1544-7788 (ext. 5).

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