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17 Card Cancellation

📝 3 Line Summary

[1] ‘Card Cancellation’ permanently locks the card in case of loss/theft

[2] Cards can no longer be loaded or used in case of cancellation

[3] Unable to cancel card if balance is present

⛔️ Before you cancel a card!

・ You can cancel the card after "Lock the card".

・ Unable to cancel cancellation after card cancellation.

・ Cancelled cards cannot be used or reloaded again.

・ If you want to delete a lost card, please be sure to report it as a lost card, then delete it to keep your Pay Balance.

・ Card cancellation is only available for the Pay Balance, and the Transit Balance is provided by Rail Plus and is non-refundable in the case of theft or loss. 

・ If you have a balance, you can't cancel it, so please move the balance before the cancellation.

✅ Card Cancellation

[1] Enter ‘MY Card’.

[2] Select the card to cancel.

[3] Select 'Card Management’.

[4] Select ‘Lock this Card’

[5] Enter the security password.

[6] Click ‘Lock’ when prompted.

[7] Card has been temporarily locked!

[8] Select ‘Card Cancellation’.

[9] Enter the security password.

[10] Click ‘OK’ when prompted.

[11] Card has been canceled!

✅ Notes on Card Cancellation

※ Card cancellation is only for the pay balance, and the traffic balance cannot be canceled in the "NAMANE" app. The balance of traffic is serviced by Railplus and cannot be refunded in case of theft or loss.

※ If you cancel the representative card, the next registered card is automatically set as the representative card. The representative card can be changed by pressing the '···' More View button above the card image.


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