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16 Lock Card

📝 3 Line Summary

[1] ‘Lock Card’ can be used to temporarily lock a card in case of loss/theft.

[2] Cards can be used again normally after being unlocked.

[3] Even if you choose to temporarily lock your card, you can still use the 'Pay Card History' / 'Pay Card Auto Top-Up Request' / 'Report Loss' / 'Unlock Card' features

✅ Set a Card Lock

[1] Click on ‘MY Card’.

[2] Select a card to temporarily lock.

[3] Select the ‘Card Management’ button.

[4] Select ‘Lock this Card’.

[5] Enter the security password.

[6] Select ‘Lock’ when prompted.

[7] Card has been temporarily locked!

✅ Unlock Card

[1] Click on ‘MY Card’.

[2] Select a temporarily locked card.

[3] Select ‘Unlock Card’.

[4] Enter the security password.

[5] Select ‘OK’ when prompted to unlock.

[6] Card has been unlocked!

✅ Notes on ‘Lock Card’

※ You can only temporarily lock Pay Balance cards, and transportation 

※ Whilst the card is temporarily locked, the cannot be used but can be reloaded.

※ If you lose your card, please use the ‘Report Lost’ function.

※ The temporary lock on your card can be released at any time, and when it is unlocked, you can use the card as you have previously done before.

※ If the representative card is locked, the next registered card is automatically set as the representative card. You can change it by clicking the ‘Card Management' button.

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