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14 Transfer Pay Balance Between Cards

📝 3 Line Summary

[1] Pay Balances can be transferred between NAMANE Cards

[2] At least two cards are required to transfer Pay Balances

[3] Transit Balances can only be transferred when first transferred from a Pay Balance to a Transit Balance

✅ Transfer Pay Balance Between Cards 

[1] Select the card you want to transfer money to.

[2] Select 'My Card’ > ‘Pay Card Balance Transfer’

[3] Enter the amount you would like to transfer manually.

[4] Select the card to transfer.

[5] Select ‘Transfer’.

[6] Enter the security pin.

[7] Transfer Complete!

✅ Notes on Transferring Pay Balance

※ At least two or more cards need to be registered..  

※ You can set the transfer amount only if there is a Pay Balance on the card you want to transfer money to.

※ It is possible to transfer Pay Balances between NAMANE Cards.

※ If you want to transfer a Transit Balance between NAMANE Cards, convert the  Pay Balance to Transit Balance, then transfer the Pay Balance.

※ ​The security password is the same as your login password.

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