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12 Tag a Card

📝 3 Line Summary

[1]  Areas to tag cards can vary based on the cell phone model

[2] Android Versions require the NFC to be checked as ‘Default Mode’ in settings

[3] For the iPhone, you can place the card next to the camera

✅ iPhone

・ Device Version Compatibility: iPhone 8 or later/ iOS 11 or later

・ How to Tag a Card: Hold the card vertically and hold the IC Chip near the camera on the back of the iPhone for 1 to 5 seconds.

✅ Android 

・ Device Compatibility: NFC-Enabled Terminal

・ How to Tag a Card:

✓ Galaxy: Activate NFC Function > ‘Default’ > Hold the card for 1 to 10 seconds on the back of the phone.

✓ Others: Activate NFC Function > ‘Read/Write P2P Setting’ > Hold the card for 1 to 10 seconds on the back of the phone. 

・ Card Tag Locations

✓ Middle of the Phone: Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 10, LG Q52, LG Q92, etc.

✓ Bottom of the Phone: Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 2

✅ Notes on Tagging a Card

※ If a protective case is put on the mobile phone, it may have a hard time tagging the card.

※ When tagging, if you move or displace the card repeatedly, the tag may not be recognized properly.

※ For Android Phones, you may receive guidance of the NFC Tag location in the terminal settings.

※ When loading a transportation card or transferring from Pay Balance - Transit Balance, be sure to tag the card. 

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