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08 Recharge the card at the vending machine

📝 5 Line Summary

[1] Pay Balance/Transit Balance can be loaded at NAMANE Kiosks

[2] Pay Balance/Transit Balance can be transferred In-App

[3] Cash Deposit Fee is 0 KRW

[4] You can find locations of NAMANE Kiosks on the NAMANE APP

[5] Pay Balance/Transit Balance limit is 500,000 KRW each

✅ Find a Card Kiosk

・ View locations of Kiosks nationwide: Download the NAMANE App > ‘Home’ > ‘Location of Card Kiosks’

・ Find Kiosks near me: Download the NAMANE APP > ‘Home’ > ‘Kiosks Near Me’

⛔️ Before You Load the Card!
・ NAMANE Card can have two separate balances, each designated for ‘Pay Balance’ and ‘Transit Balance’, and the balances can be freely transferred.

・ Before paying by card, please confirm that the correct balance has been charged.

・ Please check the Pay Balance when paying at convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, and PC rooms.

・ Please check the Transit Balance when paying for buses, subways, trains, or taxis.

✅ Reloading Your Card at a Kiosk

[1] Find a NAMANE Card Kiosk

[2] Kiosk main screen > Select ‘Charge Card’

[3] Insert your card into the ‘Charge Card’ Area (You must insert a card, not tag, to load!)

[4] Select between ‘Pay Balance’/’Transit Balance’ to load

[5] Select Payment Method

✓ Card/Cash/NAMANE QR Coupon

[6] Select Payment Amount > ‘Pay and Recharge’

[7] Payment Process

✓ Card: Insert your card into the terminal

✓ Cash: Put cash into the cash slot. You cannot refund change.

✓ NAMANE QR Coupon: Scan the QR Coupon on the scanner


✅ Notice for Reloading at Card Kiosks

※ Only Namane Card Pay Balance, Traffic Balance, and Railplus Transportation Card can be charged at Namane Kiosk.

※ Cash deposit fee is 0 KRW, Card deposit fee is 3%

※ ​Cash is non-refundable. Please prepare the right amount of cash.

※ If you are willing to charge NAMANE Card with credit/debit card, it is necessary to register the card in the NAMANE card application in advance.

※ Many customers tend to leave their card in the slot after payment. Please remember to take your card after payment.

※ A full refund is available if you request a refund within 7 days without using the charged amount

※ For the amount that has passed 7 days after charging, you can only refund the amount remaining after using more than 60% of the final balance. (Excluding Card, Easy payment charging)

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