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05 Where to Load the Card

📝 4 Line Summary

[1] Easiest to charge in the NAMANE App

[2] Loading with cash can be done at NAMANE Card Kiosks, subway stations, or at CU, StoryWay locations

[3] Pay Balance/Transit Balance can be transferred regardless of where it was loaded

[4] Pay Balance/Transit Balance is limited to 500,000 KRW each

⛔ Before You Load the Card!
・ Download the NAMANE APP > Sign up > Register your card > Load your card

・ NAMANE Card can have two separate balances, each designated for ‘Pay Balance’ and ‘Transit Balance’, and the balances can be freely transferred.

・ Before paying by card, please confirm that the correct balance has been charged.

・ Please check the Pay Balance when paying at convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, and PC rooms.

・ Please check the Transit Balance when paying for buses, subways, trains, or taxis.

✅ Load Card Balance

・ Where to reload card: NAMANE APP, NAMANE Kiosks

・ Where to reload transportation card: NAMANE APP, NAMANE Kiosks, subway stations (metropolitan area), train stations, convenience stores (CU/StoryWay)
・ Pay Balance/Transit Balance is limited to 500,000 KRW each

・ Pay Balance/Transit Balances are easily transferable between each other

・ Click here for more information on how to reload in-app.

・ Click here for more information on how to reload at a Kiosk.

✅ Reload Payment Methods

・ Credit/Debit Card: NAMANE APP, NAMANE Kiosks

・ Cash: NAMANE Kiosks, subway stations, train stations, convenience stores (CU/StoryWay)

・ Simple Account Transfer: NAMANE APP

・ Virtual Account: You can check using the NAMANE APP

・ Mobile Payment: NAMANE APP

・ Naver Pay/Kakao Pay: NAMANE APP

・ Alipay / WeChatPay / Alipay + : NAMANE APP


✅ Notice on Loading

※ The mobile payment limit is 150,000 KRW per day/month.

※ The minimum amount to charge a virtual account is 10,000 won, and it will be charged to the representative card when charging with a virtual account.​

※ When loading at CU, StoryWay convenience stores, if you mention that you would like to ‘Recharge RailPlus Transportation Card’, the process may be quicker.

※ Stations eligible for loading your card are trunk/regional railroads, lines 1 to 8, Incheon Metro, Airport Railroad, Uijeongbu Light Rail, Line 9 (Eonju Station to Sports Complex), Suin Line, Shinbundang Line, Donghae Line, and UI Light Railroad.

※ Only Namane Card Pay Balance, Traffic Balance, and Railplus Transportation Card can be charged at Namane Kiosk.

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