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04 Child/Youth Public Transportation Discount Registration

📝 4 line summary

[1] Child/Youth cards must be registered as a discount card, before using as a transportation card to allow the discount

[2] Transportation discount registration can be done on Rail Plus website

[3] Enter Transportation Number located on the back of the card

[4] Transportation income tax deduction for Child/Youth can be applied when minor’s name is registered on the RailPlus website, then selected for a discount

✅ Register Card

[1] First, go to the Rail Plus website to register for a discount.

[2] Enter the transportation number that starts with 2099, located on the back of the NAMANE Card in ‘Card Number’.

[3] Enter the ‘Date of Birth’ and ‘Residence’.

[4] After agreeing to the ‘Terms of Collection and Use of Personal Information (Required)’, click ‘Register’ to complete registration

✅ Card Registration Inquiry

If you would like to confirm whether the Child/Youth transportation discount has been applied, please inquire as shown in the steps below.

[1] First, go to the Rail Plus website's discount registration inquiry .

[2] Enter the transportation number you entered when applying for a discount in ‘Card No.’.
[3] Enter the ‘Date of Birth’ used for the account.

[4] Click ‘Search’ to complete your search.

Notice on Child/Youth Transportation Discount

※ This applies only to children aged 6 to 12 years old, and teenagers from 13 to 18 years old.

※ The discount is applied after 3 business days.

※ If you register as a member and then register as a child/youth, you can view income tax deductions as well as transaction details.

※ You must enter personal information of the child/youth user, and this information will only be used for registration for a discount.

※ The user of the card is ultimately responsible for all responsibilities that may arise from incorrectly registering a card that he or she may not own. There may be fees that occur.

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