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03 Register Your Card In-App

📝 3 Line Summary

[1] To register a card, choose ‘MY CARD’ > ‘Add Card’

[2] Card Registration: ‘Enter Card Number’> ‘Scan Card Number’> Registration Complete

[3] Up to 4 cards can be registered at a time

✅ Register a Card

[1] First, download the NAMANE APP and register. (Check the app download guide here!) 

[2] Select ‘MY CARD’

[3] Select ‘Add Card’

[4] 'Select ‘Scan Card Number’ and hold the card on the back of the phone for 5 seconds. (Click here for instructions on how to tag the card)

[5] If proceeding with ‘Enter Card Number’, please enter the card number/expiration date/CVC located on the back of the card.

[6] When registering a card, you can select between taking a picture with the camera/select from your gallery/load card design.

[7] If ‘Use Camera’ is selected, you can take a picture of the front of the card.

[8] If ‘Select From Gallery’ is selected, you can select an image from your phone’s gallery. 

[9] If ‘Import Card Design’ is selected, enter the number (No. 000000000000) located in the upper right corner of the front of the card to use the same image as the card.
*Full-Art cards do not have a card number, so you cannot choose the ‘Import Card Design’ option..

[10] Finally, review the image, and then select ‘Add Card’ to complete card registration.

✅ Notes on Registering a NAMANECARD

※ When registering a card using ‘Scan Card Number’, a transportation card number appears.

※ If you select a character card and purchase it, there is no number on the front of the card. You can apply an image either by taking a picture with your camera/importing from your gallery.

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