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📝 3 line summary

[1] Design and Order cards directly from the app.

[2] Register and load cards in-app.

[3] Available for download in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

 Download the NAMANE APP

To create a card, you must first download the NAMANE App. You can download it by searching ‘NAMANE Card’ or ‘NAMANE’ on the Google Play Store or the App Store. If you update to the latest version, you can use more improved services and features.

✅ Service provided in the NAMANE APP

・ Card Design

・ Card Purchase/Gift

・ Register a Card

・ Load a Card

・ Card Load Request

・ Card Auto-Deposit Settings

・ Request a Auto-Deposit Setting

・ Card Balance Inquiry

・ Card Details Inquiry

・ Lock a Card

・ Report Card Loss

・ Application for a Credit Card income tax deduction
・ Request a Card Balance Refund

・ Reward 

・ Coupons
・ Event
・ Notice/FAQ 

・ Customer Service

 Notes on downloading the NAMANE APP

※ The download and usage of the app may be unavailable on mobile phones that do not have NFC areas, such as Xiaomi phones.

※ Please be sure to download and use the latest version of the app.

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